Much is 'on the move' with more than 2000 sq. meters of production and office space, all on the same level. Our 25 strong team of organ builders - embracing all levels of age and experience - can be found in workshops for pipe and reed making, windchest and casework construction, 'high-tech' machining room, organ mechanics, console and metal workshops, as well as a generous assembly hall.

Supplying a 16' prospect of open pipes in tin/lead alloy of our own production, is no problem. A new casting bench, constructed according to the design of our own pipemakers, a newly purchased, technically perfected planing machine with a generously dimensioned drum, as well as the 'know-how' from many years of experience, make this possible. A good working atmosphere, keen motivation and work satisfaction, show themselves in the quality of the workmanship which, metaphorically speaking, shines from each pipe. A more effective reed production unit has also been created as a result of the restructuring process, so that we are at last able to meet the demand, in terms of production and price, for other organ building concerns.

What about the woodworking section? New machines and working places, which are designed according to the ergonomic and physiological needs of the craftsman, release unforeseen resources. The production from each individual, no matter how small and detailed, together the continuously visible result in the whole - something that is made possible by our new assembly hall - has, as a result, an astounding appreciation and much sharper identification of each contributing workman with the entire instrument.